What is the youngest age that can participate in ski or snowboard school?

Skiing group lessons are only available for kids ages 5+ as we have found that it’s extremely difficult and challenging for the younger kids to hold on for 3-hours lessons. If you have children between 3 and 4 years old, you may book them a private lesson.

Snowboard school is available for kids aged 7+. For the younger kids we advise to start with skiing first, as it’s easier to learn initially. But you may always book a private snowboard lessons for your children aged 5-6 years old here.

How many kids will be in the group?

The size of the group can range from 3 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) persons.

What if there aren't enough kids for the group lesson?

All lessons with only 1 participant will run for a reduced time of 1,5 hours (for 3-hours lessons) and for 3,5 hours without lunch (for Full-day lessons). Any group lesson with 2 or more participants will run for the full duration.

What does the school day consist of?

For the Morning classes the children need to be checked in at the meeting point by 9:40 am, lunch is not included. Kids will ski or snowboard till 1pm with a little break on the mountain, please think about popping a healthy snack in their pocket! Pickup is at 1pm.

For the Ski Camps, the check in is at 9:40, lunch is included but think about a healthy snack! Children will ski or snowboard during the day, with breaks and a lunch built into their full day experience. Pickup is at 4:00 pm.

What level to choose?

Please check our Level Finder.

How does the group assignment work?

The kids are placed in skill groups reaching from beginner up to expert. At the beginning of the first session a small selection will be made. Based on this and on their age, children will then be assigned to the different course levels.

Can my kids be in the same group?

If they have the same ability and meet the group level requirements they can go in the same group. If they are different ages and levels we would advise against it.

Do children need lift tickets if they are in a group lesson?

Yes, lift tickets are required for all children aged 7+ and not included with lessons. Please purchase it before the lesson.

Do you have rentals available for the Ski & Snowboard School?

Yes, the Ski Gudauri rental shops specialize in fitting your children with the proper equipment for their age & ability. You can choose the appropriate add-on on the booking page to get the equipment with 25% off, or contact us for more information about equipment rental.

Allow an extra hour to be fitted for equipment. If your schedule allows, pick up your rentals the evening before your first day on the slopes. Ski Gudauri Shop is located in 4 locations in Gudauri, including New Gudauri and Gudauri Lodge Hotel.

What about safety?

Your child’s safety is our primary concern! Therefore all our groups have experienced and friendly children’s instructors trained specially to work with children. All kids are required to wear helmets and bibs. We ensure we teach them to ski in a safe manner, on terrain that will stretch but not exceed their ability.

How to dress children for the group lesson?

Dress your children well so they can focus on the fun learning at Ski Gudauri School. Please note that lessons take place in all weather conditions (except when the lifts are closed due to weather conditions).
What to bring: waterproof coat, snow pants, mittens, goggles or sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip protection. Helmets are REQUIRED for children ages 17 and under participating in Ski & Snowboard School lessons.

Will my child receive an award at the end of the course?

At Ski Gudauri we believe that all children should have their skiing and snowboarding achievements recognised, therefore all children receive a certificate and badge at the end of the chosen session (3 or 5 days) based on the instructor’s assessment during the week.

Refund Policy

We do not issue refunds due to weather, when children are unwilling to participate or who become ill after being in our lessons. Please check Ski Gudauri’s Terms and Conditions for more information.